Modern: My Life

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” -Charles Dickens. Modern barakhamba has made me experience lowest of my lows & highest of my highs. I cannot speak for the multitude of diverse students who have attended this school with me but I can tell you this thing for certain that one quality all of them have in common is a sense of achievement by the end of the beginning. My time in modern has made me realise how important it is for a person to keep himself/herself before the remarks and assertions of others, no matter what the circumstances reveal.

When I began grasping things around me, I used to be someone who was not very much concerned with proving myself; like every other mundane teenager I wanted to be heard and taken seriously by others and Modern taught me a great deal about self awareness and it made me realise that until you don’t take yourself seriously, no one will. These red bricks and expansive fields have taught me to build myself from scratch and given me the courage to do so without seeking any validation from others. My time in modern has made me observe one thing about my peers.. no matter who I meet along the way; all of them have a secret hidden talent. A person might not do well in maths but will be a glorious singer or someone who flunked in an exam will show up to the morning practice right on time everyday, to play their favourite sport. Students here learn more than what is taught in the books, they learn genuine experience.

Every kid in modern is special and embraces his/her own refined skill, some might be public about it and others might not be . Over the years I’ve been through really good times and some bad time’s but if these red walls have made me fall once, they’ve also given me the courage to get back up & later realise how important that fall was for me to understand my true potential. You will remember all the friends you made here but only the most truest ones will stand beside you while you make your mistakes and will last a lifetime (hopefully). By the end of the time I realised modern was a game changer.

I learned to try, to fail, and to keep trying until I really felt the zeal to prove myself.It was there I learned that even though I was just a teenager, I had the capacity to make positive and lasting change in my community. Some teachers in modern might seem a bit stern but I think that’s just because they want to show you what you can’t see in yourself. Every group of students I’ve known here has been, of course, different, but there’s a common thread of thoughtfulness and authenticity in every group of Modern School students. During the last year of my high school my perspective towards my environment has been nothing but positive and I am grateful to have attended a school where my personal strengths and quirks were supported and not overlooked. Love you Modern!

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