Your Mindset Is Sexist

A woman’s safety is more important than a man’s desire.

The idea of feminism deserves more attention than anything at the current moment. Instead of telling our girls and women, to dress conservatively and limit what they want to wear why don’t we train boys and men to control their eyeballs and desires. Instead of not allowing women or girls to go out late from their house, why don’t we make them strong enough to fight the perverts who trouble them?

Knowing the truth we try to conceal it, just because we know what desperate creeps are out there on the streets. The time to sit back has finished, and if you’re still sitting by passively, I pity you.

Not all men are dogs and not all girls are bitches.

Stupid movies Like ‘Pyaar Ka Punch Nama‘ and ‘No Entry‘ can only teach us nonsense and alter our brain against the opposite gender. The fundamental nature of a male is really different from that of a female. A female will never eve-tease or rape a male. But a male might! Reservations, better and special rights and provisions just for our girls and women for upliftment are really important to ensure their safety.

At the moment, it’s not just about changing any kind of thought process to ensure equality. That is a further concern.

The worst thing here is, that women can’t even move freely where they want to without thinking twice. Why do you stop them from moving where and when they want to, why are you scared? Why do you want to treat them as a showpiece in the house? Why do you expect them to sacrifice each and every time? Let them free from your cage, they don’t deserve to be treated like this.

Instead of talking about Rape & Empowerment, we need to talk about the mentality that leads to rape and harassment.

A mentality that says love whom you want, freely and passionately, but forgets, that before love, comes a term “Respect”. And unless you respect someone, you can’t love that person. Respect is easily neglected most of the time & this mentality is what causes the major issue.When in your head, there’s no thought & focus on respecting women, and this leads men to become dominant & try to overpower women.

The painful truth in the life of a beautiful women is that she’s branded continuously in society, because of men who can’t have her & women who can’t be her.

Why are men allowed to go bare-bodied, bare-chested & topless, whenever they feel like, but women have to cover their body and breasts? Men can open their tops in public & in front of their family & friends without any fear. That isn’t considered cheap.While even if women show a bit of cleavage, it’s considered cheap & she’s branded as seeking some wild sexual desire. The rules for both genders have to be same.

What I’ve just said isn’t rocket science. But our brains have been instilled in conventional norms so much, we have never felt the urge or disgust to question such a mentality. Creating such differences between genders is an affront to dignity. Especially in a country like India, in a city like Delhi, we’ve forgotten that these are just basic things we’ve not been able to achieve till date.

Men and women are just different sides of the same coin. This is not even a change that requires investments, actions or is delusional or difficult. It’s a right for every female Individual & as a whole, humanity deserves this from us. All people need to do is alter the way their brain functions, because it doesn’t function the right way, right now. Question things in day to day life when they are happening. But firstly- unlearn, retrain & start afresh! It doesn’t require much.

To achieve anything, all that is required is a step towards it. For change to happen, we have to begin by first stopping shaming women on the basis of their physical attributes, stopp classifying them & commenting on how they should carry their body.

It’s her choice, her body, her mind, her soul. She never asked you.

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