A Young Author’s Journey

Editor’s Note: This is a personal perspective by Vatsal Gourisaria, a young author, who’s already published a book. Follow him on Instagram.

Whenever I retrospect my journey of writing, I think about the sixth grade. It was the first time when I decided to participate in elocution. My school had a process of selections to get the crème de la crème of the lot. I saw only three people, save for me in that room. I realized that I had a chance to step out of my comfort zone. Six minutes passed by, and it was my turn to speak. I wasn’t able to say a single word out loud. Hours of practice wasted.

I went back home that day, extremely annoyed with myself, wanting to figure out a way to escape this prison that I had made for myself. I decided that if I wanted to do something, I wouldn’t allow my fears to prevent me from doing so. It all sounds like a fairytale so far. But it wasn’t.  I started to go for more and more of these selections. I faced rejection every single time for the first two years. Something was missing. Perhaps, I didn’t have enough knowledge about the topics compared to others. So I started reading.

One day I was in my class reading Julius Caesar- yes, that was the first thing that I read- one of my seniors saw me with it and asked me what it. I had just started to speak when I saw him laughing frantically. He made a mockery out of my English and said that he would have given up long back if he were me. I grabbed the book from his hand and went back to my seat.

Now, I always thank that person. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have taken up the challenge of writing. A couple of years and some disturbing blogs later, I published my first novel called “The Rumour.” I spent some time flying from Kolkata to Delhi to sign deals and figure out a contact before everything became binding. It was 31st July 2018 when I had the book launch. I can never forget that day because it happened to be my mother’s birthday.

I started to write my novel back in 2017. It took me a year and a half to finish it, and my parents and friends were surprised when I told them that I had finished writing my book. I feel that when I told them initially, they thought of it as a new charade in a teenager’s life, which would soon fade away. But that wasn’t the case. After spending hours in front of my laptop screen, I dared to publish one of my three books.

I am currently studying at Santa Clara University, majoring in Marketing and Psychology with minors in Journalism and retail studies. Along with this, I am working on other projects, and my second novel called “Cacophony,” which circumvents around politics, terrorism, religion, and economy. I plan on publishing in 2021 Fall.

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