What Would Hell Look Like?

Hell’s Loop

Remember John Lennon’s famous song ‘Imagine’.

         The first line goes as such 

         “Imagine there’s no heaven, its easy if you try 

          No hell below us, above us only sky”.

Unlike this song, for this piece to work, you would have to believe that there is a heaven and a hell.

The idea of heaven and hell, I believe, was not to instill fear in people but rather to make them the best versions of themselves. This, however, got lost in translation. 

The entire concept is based on a very simple principle, do good deeds and the Pearly Gates shall open for you; Do bad deeds and you’d go straight to hell. 

It is fascinating that while people’s versions of heaven may vary, everyone has the same picture of hell; a dark place, resounding with screams, spears pointing out from everywhere. 

But hell is like a McDonald’s burger recipe, you can never know what truly goes in it!

To understand what hell is and how it works, we must look at ourselves on Earth. 

What troubles people most is guilt; it drives them crazy, makes them do and feel things that they never thought they would.

And this is simply what happens in Hell. A person is forced to play that same” guilt-ridden” scenario again   and again and again!

The ‘hell torturers’ customize a special chamber, in which an individual is stuck in the loop of guilt for all eternity. So, a diabetic person’s so-called punishment could be eating pints of ice cream. An enjoyable thing you’d say. But not if you were guilt ridden after each helping and unable to stop. Using someone’s guilt against them is crude but clever. 

So clever that I believe, hell did not need to wait till we passed away. We are already there. 

Torturing ourselves needlessly with tremendous guilt, bad memories and negative thoughts. 

Why am I writing this?     

Who am I?

Maybe I am a voice in your head, looking for a way to get rid of guilt.

A way out of your Hell’s Loop.

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