How’s Houseitt?

Hi, I’m Rajat. I’m the Co-Founder and COO at Houseitt. I’m an entrepreneur, and also a final year B.Com student at The Hindu College of Delhi University. Furthermore, I was also the President of The Hindu College’s Entrepreneurship Cell, having led my team to secure a plethora of national level competitions. My advice for aspiring college students is to “Be Cool”, and I firmly believe that one can become anything they want at college, without any form of intervention from family. Along with Houseitt’s Co-Founder Bharat Bhatt and Ishaan Sudan, I have been working tirelessly to make Houseitt the “Next Big Thing”.

I have always been inclined towards doing something of my own. During my 11th grade, I was plotting to start a one of a kind Rajma empire, and this other time in college I set out of my apartment one night along with Bharat, to figure out a way to extract paper from cow dung. It didn’t quite work out, but it did scratch that particular itch for a while.

Unfortunately, I was told by my family to pay heed to my studies in 11th grade, and get a respectable score in my class 12 boards. And I did, by getting into Hindu; while filling the applications forms for the colleges, I’d actually filled out all the forms, regardless of whether it was music, dancing, debating or MUN. That particular year, I met my senior and Houseitt’s co-founder Bharat Bhatt, who was aiming to introduce the Entrepreneurship Cell, which has since evolved from an initial number of two members to having won national level competitions.

After exploring various avenues and social projects, the idea of Houseitt evolved. It’s is a startup that enables outstation Delhi University students to get accommodations that specifically meet their needs. It has now grown quite a bit; it has an annual revenue of ten Lakh and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down soon. Houseitt is a startup that is run by us, the youth, and exists to provide for the youth. It aims at simplifying the process of finding accommodations for students, and will soon be expanding out to other regions.

We at Discordium wish him the very best for his endeavours, and hope Houseitt does indeed become the “Next Big Thing’’.

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