The IPL Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time

India is a massive country, and not only in terms of area and population, but also in languages spoken, cultures and rituals followed, religions and languages spoken. In this country with widespread diversity and differences we find that there is one thing which is almost constant across the all parts of the country. You will find people of varying ages playing cricket almost everywhere on streets, in parks and in open grounds. Members of The Indian Cricket Team are treated with love and admiration here and they are hailed as heroes similarly by all people irrespective of their differences.

Cricket in India is not just a simple sport, but an important part of our growth and community. Although hockey is the national game of India, cricket has overtaken every other sport. This game negates all barriers. It is loved by the richest of the rich, the poorest of the poor, and it is equally revered simultaneously by the most and least educated person. It is a single factor that binds an entire country TOGETHER.

A sport uniting a billion people looks unbelievable in theory, and how cricket unites India is an remarkable anomaly in itself. In a nation which flourishes in diversity, cricket has proved to be the glue that binds us together as a country; Cricket has something which is helping keeping this country together. The Indian Premier League starting this week is one of the key contributors in this phenomena of simultaneously uniting people and also liberating them. The IPL couldn’t have come at a better time for India.

This year has been a complete mess in its entirety. The prolonged period of the Pandemic and the Lockdown has completely drained the country of its battery. Adding to the woes of staying at home and limited movement outside your house, we have seen our TV News Channels and Social Media being clouded by negativity and hate for the last few months which has led people to be bitterly divided and resentful of the individuals and groups opposed to their choice of parties, leaders, ideas and concerns. The advancement of the IPL has thus is timed to perfection, especially from the perspective of the country’s 1.25 billion-plus population. It will play a powerful role in unifying people and helping them overcome antagonism between each other.

We all know, nothing unites and cheers up India as cricket does. It brings joy to its fans, considering the fact that cricket is being played after a long break due to Covid-19 Pandemic. Cricket promotes sense of belonging and identity by tying people together in our segmented society. When you cheer on your part, you can enjoy the group’s experience by forgetting your daily worries. It also collects people from different classes and backgrounds – after all Cricket is a universal language. That’s the whole point. Cricket has the power to captivate, to enable people to forget their troubles and disappointments and for a few seconds and join in a celebration of sorts.

It is time to realise the fact that sport is never only about the people that are playing. Instead, it is meant as a much larger movement/spectacle to garner attention in communities of people of all origins, among men and women who will make it to a much larger contest. Cricket remind us that we all share the same spirit and that all the ostensible differences are man-made and completely useless.

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