An Insight Into Developing A Successful App

I’m a Tech Entrepreneur, and a Digital Currency Investor and I’ve built several successful  apps, and I’m here to tell you what you need to know to do the same. 
There is a rise in the usage of Indian alternative apps and to compete with such apps on a global level, it is important that the quality of the Indian apps needs to match with the quality of apps like Tiktok or Share it.

Our company has undertaken Government contracts worth 100 crore. I have an uncommon ability to turn original ideas into businesses that are both innovative and profitable. All too often, people dive headfirst into their mobile app creation with no strategy and no clue about the process.

They come with preconceived notions that ignore and dismiss some really important factors in the success of the app. What ends up happening is that lack of planning leads to lot of bumps and complications which in turn end up destroying momentum and costing lot of time and resources. In my experience, it seems that one of the top reasons mobile apps fail is poor planning and lack of strategy.

Before raising investment for an app idea, here are the steps one needs to keep in mind:

  1. Ideation
  2. Competition Analysis Step
  3. Knowing your Target Audience
  4. Knowing your Target Audience
  5. Designing MVP or a Prototype

Although keeping these steps in mind or following them wouldn’t guarantee the  result in creation of an app that would hit the charts, but are definitely important point one needs to be aware of.

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Fazal rahiman
Fazal rahiman
2 years ago

Congratzzzz dear

Kunwar Hemraj Singh
Kunwar Hemraj Singh
2 years ago

Regarding work as a Team Member

Krish T
Krish T
2 years ago

kind of lame

Krish T
Krish T
2 years ago

what a narcissist

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