The Music Industry From a Young Artist’s Perspective

Music Producer/DJ, Shivam Bhatia, earned a name for himself as one of the most promising young talents in the electronic artist scene today. The 18 year old artist based in New Delhi has already received support from the likes of several radio stations and other big guns of the music industry

Shivam started producing music 5 years ago, combining catchy melodies and soulful vocals , creating an atmospheric fusion like no other.

He believes that there’s a bright future ahead for electronic music in India as the Indian audience has started paying attention to Indian acts and not just international artists.
Moreover, events like Sunburn and Road to Ultra have triggered the EDM fever in our country and more people especially the youth are considering electronic music as a serious career option.

He feels that Covid-19 has given all the creators time to practice their craft and get better at it.Moreover it has taught us that having an online presence for our music or our business/brand is very important if one wants to grow in the new world.

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