Rhythm V: The Next Raftaar

The idea of expressing and connecting to someone through music has always been fascinating to me. I never saw myself as a professional rapper when I started off. As a matter of fact, the first song I ever wrote was at a party where one of my friends made me listen to a fast aggressive type rap. I just wanted to try something similar to that so I wrote a verse right there and then. I remember when my friend heard it and gave me a confused look as he didn’t expect that my verse would actually sound good. Ever since, I started connecting with music even more. I started to realise that words can be louder than action if the right words are used. Keeping that in mind, I started writing and expressed all my emotions through my songs. I realised that my music had a strong impact when I released my first song and got a great response on it. People started messaging me that my songs helped them with their life situations and they could relate to every word I put out. I also felt honoured when artists like Raftaar appreciated my work.

From a backbencher writing on the last page of a notebook to writing professionally and collaborating with different artists, the journey has been unique. 

I think rap industry has experienced a drastic change and growth after being accepted globally as people started to connect more with the new age artists. I think that rap in our generation is recognised in a different and a unique perspective. The evolution of this industry still continues which also makes room for new artists to establish themselves. I’m blessed with a supportive audience and fan base which has constantly been a source of motivation for me to put out best quality content. This year shall be one of the most productive years for me as an artist as I’m soon gonna be releasing a song with one of the major artists of the industry and performing many other collaborations which I look forward to.

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