In Conversation With The Founders Of WeSettle

“It always comes down to how hard you want something to happen.”

With these words, the founders of WeSettle, Ms. Pragya Arora and Mr. Manas Garg, began their journey towards building a start-up that strives to help society, one person at a time. Wesettle is a platform that aims at making accommodation more accessible, and the process of looking for it hassle-free, for migratory students, who encounter this problem every year.

The inception of WeSettle was inspired through the challenges faced by the founders themselves. Admission processes lacked clarity, choice of college, course, and most important of them accommodation. From visiting over 40 PGs in person to paying brokerage for them, it had posed a hectic and exhaustive problem to them. Further, a sense of alienation works when students migrate from one city to another. They did not want prospective students to face the same problem. 

Ms. Pragya is a final year Psychology student awaiting her results at Indraprastha College for Women, while Mr. Manas is a third year student of B.Com Honours from VIPS, IPU. Mr. Manas has always perceived practical hands-on training to be a better way of learning and preparing for the real world. “Academic knowledge surely counts and they will come handy some time or the other, but at the same time it’s very important to understand how the ground reality works.  

It was challenging to juggle through college and work, but as Ms. Pragya puts it, “When you have a resolution to make the world a better place, when you have purity of reason, you don’t worry much about the hindrances that come your way. We chalked out our time, indulged in discussions at length, and just went for it.”

“Initially, we started with a basic set-up 6 months ago. It was during the onset of Covid-19. Most people were losing their source of income, especially those who were entirely dependent on the rent that comes from PGs. We approached the PGs around the residential areas of DU colleges asking them if they would be willing to be affiliated with us. Most of them declined, as they were apprehensive of the idea, but after we received recognition and were established as a genuine company, they were more receptive of us. 

Even our parents were initially reluctant to let us come back to Delhi which was a major epicentre for the pandemic, citing our safety, but once they understood why we were doing it and how much impact it will have on upcoming batches of students, they were supportive,” Mr. Manas says, recounting their experiences.

Often, people get a taste of the corporate world and are tempted to give up their academic pursuits but both Founders have a staunch belief that graduation should be a minimum educational qualification in your roadmap. A basic education is an empowerment and we always learn something from it. Dropping out is generally not a good idea when it comes to their purview. 

The plan for WeSettle in the coming years is to expand its domain into other states as migration is always a hectic issue faced by students all over the country. In fact, the Founders have a vision to expand it to International levels. We’ve introduced a Student Community connecting the students. Cultural programmes and activities are conducted within the community. For a recent fest artists like Anubhav Bassi have also been invited. So yes, we are working on propping up our standards everyday and taking WeSettle to newer heights where more and more people can benefit from it.

“There’s but one message we would like to leave with the youth today. A lot of people think undergraduates are too young to think about start-ups. Even more are content with a major post in a society. We believe that before a big start, we should learn to deal with the failures that precede it, and there’s no better time for it than now, when we’re young and have an appetite for it. In our initial days, we couldn’t think of hiring a designer, we designed everything on our own. It was much later when we hired one, our logo was designed anew, and so on. The point is, life throws a lot of opportunities towards us, it’s up to us to put them to use. Keep learning, keep growing and never be afraid of facing your challenges”. 

“The idea is not to start big. It’s more of starting small and making it big.”

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