GameStop's Stonks

This past week has been one for chaotic frenzy for the folks over at Wall Street. No one could've even imagined that someday a $13 billion hedge fund could be brought down to its knees by a couple of Redditors with an adherence of the bro-code and a similar amount of hate for the crony profiteers over at Wall Street. Well, this has happened, with the story turning out to be a modern Robin hood saga that has left the world wondering about, "What the hell just happened?"

the flawed ethics of death penalty

The most fundamental human right is the right to live. Being a terrible person still doesn’t justify the violation of that right. Being a “monster” doesn’t justify it either. It takes real taxpayer’s money, and charging the population living on minimum wage, paycheck-to-paycheck: for this system that has no way of confirming that it’s fool proof. The cost? Literal death.


Board games have always been a great way to kill boredom and the humdrum of the daily routine. They are the perfect choice for family nights and these days, with the spread of COVID-19, an even better diversion from the depression that eventually sets in due to the long period of quarantine. Perhaps a childhood memory many can recall is the hours well spent with Rich Uncle Pennybags playing Monopoly. A market favorite, the first game ever to let children handle and invest money, was Monopoly just for fun or was it meant to be something more?

Memes are now for Sale

In a world that has made a shift from liquid money to blockchain enabled currencies, the future method of payments and settlements is experiencing a paradigm shift. Howsoever, memes have somehow taken advantage of this shift and have now allowed themselves to be allowed for sale in the form of NFTs. In a world where people have a lot of time to kill and huge amounts of money to burn, how will this new brainchild of blockchain destroy the world?


The human race is a complex yet dumb species. We pride ourselves by being able to handle higher degrees of complexity each generation that we develop on our own, and yet falter to comprehend the same system when it goes awry, and when the laws of physics go out of the window. Yet, our own structures cannot possibly calculate the probability of a catastrophe happening. This Anti-Fragility however will ensure our survival, not because of our pursuit of order, but our fear of chaos.


Importance Of Mental Health Awareness In Covid-19

These are rather unprecedented times and nothing in 2020 has necessarily gone the way we wished it would have. However, if there’s something good that has come out of it, it’s that if not the entire population, a larger population as compared to the previous years has started to care about mental health. Since the past so many years, the common response to any mental health problem has been- it’s all in your head, you’re not privileged enough to be feeling this way, sleeping will cure you, and you’re too dramatic. The sad part is, for a long time, people with a mental illness actually believed these rather problematic statements and blamed themselves for their condition.