Write For Us

We’re always looking for submissions from our audience. If you want to send your articles for consideration, here’s certain tips for you to maximize your chances of getting published.

We look for two kinds of articles; opinion pieces, which are a detailed analysis and overview of a particular issue where you back up your own view with facts and evidence, and perspective pieces, where you can write about things that have personally affected you, and things that you have experienced yourself.

For the opinion pieces, we aim for the 600-1200 word range (though a little leeway is allowed, depending upon the quality of the submission), and for perspective pieces, we have no word limit, but we do ask that you stay above 300 words, at the very least.

You can send us your articles at editorialboard@discordiummagazine.com, in the form of an MS Word Document, accompanied with a 3-5 line explanation (in the text of the email, not the document) of what your piece is about, and why it matters.