About Us

Discordium Magazine covers opinions from today’s youth. Our voice is paid lip service by many a politician and media house seeking to make a quick buck off the fact that we hold the future of world in our hands.

Discordium is an attempt to provide not cursory propitiations to the youth, but an actual platform to express our views. We accept submissions on topics like politics, philosophy, culture, and economics, as well as personal perspectives on life, from high schoolers and undergraduates.

We’ll publish any point of view; no ideology and no positions are off limits. If you can make a well argued case, we’re willing to hear it. Discordium is a freedom of speech absolutist publication. The only opinion we won’t run is advocacy of government censorship.

Send us your most radical ideas. We’ll be waiting.

-The Editorial Board


Manas Pandit is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Discordium Magazine. He’s also an opinion writer and political commentator for NewsX, and an incoming freshman at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
Pragya Tandon is the Chief Marketing Officer and Business Head at Discordium Magazine. She’s a business enthusiast and has participated in both national and international simulations in this field.